About Us

Climax Media Pvt. Ltd., The First All in One Digital Agency in Nepal, is dedicated to bringing tailored, effective & distinctive Media Services for its clients.

At Climax, We are an established innovative  Agency with a team of award-winning designers, developers and Certified Online Marketers. The expertise helps to grow any businesses through higher audiences engagement rate and converting higher traffics into customers. Passionate and strategic experts ensures clients have a profitable and memorable experience.

We were told that we are pleasure to work with because we focus on creating happy clients & cultivating long-term relation. We have always placed a great emphasis on the customer’s needs as we fell that reasonable price along with outstanding customer support are the keys to success; we still hold these beliefs to be true. Do not just take our words, hundreds of our customers may not go wrong.

Chairman's Message

A dream of many ideas coming together, with great passion and an opportunity ceased is how Climax Media Pvt.Ltd. was born. Our aim at building Climax Media was to create an entity independent in all aspects of engineering. We are focus on growing our business, infrastructure, investment in right people- technology, growing our revenues and thus make it financially strong organization to work with. Our mission is to provide quality, helpful,affordable and reliable services like Internet solutions, Digital Marketing, Business Consultant, Media and Advertisment to grow our happy clients. We believe in team work and that’s we work hard for delivering best possible solutions for your business.

Why choose us


Climax create designs that are eye candy, simple and easy to navigate through. Your Online Content will reflect your entire business so a stylish and polished design works best. For Online Presence, we always have to be out there and innovative and prove ourselves as being worthy content creator.


In every project undertaken by us, Climax are team players that provide optimum efforts in our field. From delivering Optimal Marketing Strategies to Content Creation to Website Development, we focus on being the Best Degital Marketing & Online Advertising Agency. We deliver Brand Values, Higher Traffic and Leads to our Client’s Businesses. Our Digital Marketing Strategies tailored to our Client’s businesses which have needs for Best ROI and Higher Conversion Rate. We trust our Interactions with our Clients works well on ongoing processes and further steps.


We are an Online Marketing and Advertising Agency – One of its Kind in Nepal. Our Internet Marketing Strategies are Certified Tactics in promoting your Business Online. These tactics also works hand-in-hand with Social Media Management. We comprehend our Client’s Business Objectives and Investments. Thus, we make sure that the money you’ve put in Online Advertising will warrant you an anticipated profitable ROI.


 It’s in our blood! We never stop looking for new ideas for design, improving business systems or online marketing. True fact: clients have abandoned their initial website domain names because we offered better ones.


Our Design for our Clients will be based on the UX/UI Principles. This is to make sure those designs are Ultra Responsive and your audience will be able to navigate through it across a Wide Range of Devices breezily. Designs are built with a Clean Interface with Retina Display Feature for a quality spectacle. We test out your sites to confirm those sites are ready as designed and intended for. Your targeted audience will always have a good time using it.


Starting from the beginning, we aim to tailor any product or service as per your needs. A client cannot fail to see your website because it is not compatible with a particular browser.